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10 Year Limited Warranty

If during the first year after purchase any defect in the manufacture of the mattress or foundation (other than in the cover) should appear, the defect will be repaired or the item will be replaced, at manufacturer’s option, without charge.  EXCLUDING TRANSPORTATION COSTS.  After first year such repair or replacement will be made at the charge of 1/15 of the PURCHASE PRICE for each elapsed year, plus transportation costs.  If identical materials are not available at time of repair or replacement, manufacturer reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality. 

FOUNDATION – The matching foundation for this mattress is especially designed for the proper support of this mattress.  You may elect to use a different foundation.  This will not affect the mattress warranty if the foundation has similar support capabilities and is of comparable quality.

To qualify this bedding under this warranty, the mattress or foundation must be in good condition and will be inspected for defects to be remedied.  Warranty is void if there are any stains, excessive wear, or signs of excessive abuse.  It must not have been bent or wet.  In the case of a one-sided mattress, it must be rotated 180 degrees (head to toe) every 3-4 months.  In case of a double-sided mattress is must be turned/flipped over every 3-4 months. The selling dealer is assigned by the manufacturer as an agent in handling any complaint.  Defective items should be reported to selling dealers.  Warranty is limited to original purchaser.  Proof of purchase is required.